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Coda Music offers a range of services to help you keep the tune and awe the crowd.

Guitar setup

Your instrument will play SO much better if it’s properly set up.

We can set the proper string heights, get the neck angle perfect, and get the intonation spot on.

Guitar repairs

You’ve dropped your axe! Or perhaps you shed too many tears on her. Or perhaps you got so into a Foo Fighters number that you smashed the machine heads against your drummer’s head.

No problem! Bring in your guitar and we’ll fix her good as new.

We even offer electric guitar repairs and modifications.

Instrument restring

Avoid tetanus (and other serious ailments that’s detrimental to your jamming)! Change your guitar strings regularly!

Come in for a new set, whether it’s for your acoustic, electric or bass.

We also restring banjos.

Amplifier, mixer and PA repairs

Everyone knows that amplifiers, PA systems and mixers run on smoke.

The moment you see smoke escaping from one of these, you’ll know it’s time for a refill.

Bring your amp, mixer or PA and we’ll fix it quick sticks.

PA service and bench test

Your amp runs on smoke, so to prevent it from losing smoke in future, we can give it a deep clean and bench test it afterwards, to ensure reliability.

Speaker repairs

Speakers crackling or scratchy? Or perhaps they just had a heart attack and no longer work at all.

No problem. We’ll fix your speakers and get you back to blowing away crowds in no time.

Cable repairs

Your cables become as useful as a den of defanged cobras?

We fix guitar cables, microphone cables and speaker cables.

Bring in your cords for an assessment.