Music instruments and equipment for Kouga musicians and DJs

Coda Music is the Kouga musician and DJ’s first stop for new music instruments, music instrument repairs, and DJ equipment (new or repairs).


If you’re aching to start making some noise, Coda Music stocks a range of music instruments and DJ equipment to get you going. Start a band and become a star. Or become a social media trend with your sick beats.


You can only keep rocking the crowd if your instrument remains sound. And you won’t get them bumping to the beats if your sound equipment sucks. We offer a range of services to ensure your music instruments and equipment keep doing their job well.


Whether you’re the budding lead guitarist for the world’s next greatest rock band or you’re a retired folk legend making a comeback, Coda Music has a guitar that’ll suit your style. Visit our shop and walk out with a brand new baby under your arm.

If the drummer doesn’t keep the beat, the whole band falls apart. If you’re in the market for a brand new set of drums we can help. Or perhaps we can sort you out with new cymbals or a new snare.



Nothing beats a gorgeous bass line. It’s this instrument that’s (dare we say, single handedly) put some of the world’s most memorable tunes on the map (and keeps them there as firm favourites). Come check out our bass guitars. We can even custom-make you one.

Instrument repairs

Coda Music offers a range of music instrument and DJ equipment repair services, from guitars, bass guitars and drums to PA systems.

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