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Stop torturing yourself with manual tuning and spend time perfecting your groove instead.

Tune Bot Studio

What's more important?

Although tuning is paramount, drummers understandably spend more time developing playing skills, not tuning skills.

After all, having great sounding drums mean nothing if your playing skills don’t level up.

The inverse is also true. It’s pointless having great ability but your drums sound like glorified trash cans.

Some drummers might not consider the sound of their drum kit a high priority, but nice sounding drums make it more enjoyable to practice and get better.

Dave Grohl Doesn't Need The Tune Bot

tune-bot helps you get to what's important, quicker

Many of the world’s top drummers can tune their drums by ear, but they know that time is moneyThey know that the longer they spend tuning drums, the less time they have to play drums.

tune-bot helps them eliminate setup time and frustration when tuning their drums.

tune-bot makes it effortless to get your drums tuned perfectly. And because it comes with the ability to choose from presets you set up, you’ll be banging out beats YOUR way in no time.'s like having a drum tech in my stick bag at all times.


Some of the world’s top drummers thrum with praise for tune-bot.


Using tune-bot will make your drumming life so much easier.

Here are some of the benefits of using this incredible tool for tuning your drums. 

Quick setup

tune-bot is a cinch to set up. Simply attach it to your drum with the convenient quick clip, switch it on, choose your setting and start tuning.

Easy to use

Like most gadgets, tune-bot comes with a learning curve. But it’s not a steep learning curve to perfectly tuned drums. Once you’ve tuned your drums with tune-bot a few times it’ll be like riding a bike: you’ll never forget how to do it!

Myriad presets

tune-bot comes with the ability to store drum presets. That means you have, at your fingertips, a whole database of different drum tuning settings to choose from that YOU created. No matter the setup required, tune-bot can handle it.

Tunes to pitch, not tension

No two drums or drum heads are exactly the same. That means, even if you use the exact same tension on two drums, the outcome might be vastly different. But if you tune to pitch, which is what tune-bot allows you to do, you’ll get the exact sound you want from each drum, every time.


tune-bot’s accuracy is unsurpassed. When you tune your drum set using tune-bot you can rest assured your drums are tuned perfectly. tune-bot lets you tune to specific notes or frequencies, putting you in charge of your tuning. And not only does it show your drum’s fundamental pitch, it also lets you tune each tension rod (lug pitch) to perfection.

User-friendly display

Because of the multi-coloured display, tune-bot is easy to understand, which means you won’t be frowning in frustration, trying to figure out how to tune. And because the display is crystal clear and large, you won’t struggle to read it, even if you’re in a smokey or low-light environment.

Rugged design

tune-bot comes in a hard plastic shell, making it resistant to knocks. Tuners are usually thrown into bags along with musical instruments, not carried around in hard-shell bomb-resistant cases. So you’ll be glad to know that tune-bot is able to handle a bump.

What can you tune?

You can use tune-bot to tune any tunable drum, including kick drums, snare drums and Toms. You can even tune timbales (pailas), congas and bongos with tune-bot.

How to use

tune-bot is so easy to use that you’ll be banging on perfectly tuned drums in no time.

Quick start guides

These quick-start guides will show you how to use tune-bot, so you can get to playing. There are two main steps to tuning your drums: finding your drum’s fundamental pitch and matching lug pitch (tension rod pitch).

PLEASE NOTE: these are merely the basics. Once you’re comfortable using tune-bot you can start tuning with more advanced settings.

Measuring fundamental pitch

Follow these steps to find your drum’s fundamental node (the lowest and loudest pitch your drum produces).

Position the drum in such a way that both heads resonate freely. It’s probably best to mount the drum on a stand, but you can also hold the drum by the hoop.

Clip tune-bot to the drum’s hoop. The microphone end must be over the drum head.

Press the power button.

Strike the drum in the centre of the head. tune-bot will display the fundamental pitch. If the red LED doesn’t flash, you didn’t strike the drum hard enough.

When you strike the drum tune-bot displays the frequency (in Hz), as well as the nearest musical note, on its LCD. The needle will indicate whether you’re sharp or flat. If the needle points left you’re flat; if it points right you’re sharp. Loosen or tighten the tension rods to get the desired result. The needle will point straight up when a drum is in tune.

Matching lugs (tension rod tuning)

Follow these steps to tune your drum’s lugs (AKA tension rod tuning) to match your fundamental pitch.

Position the drum so the bottom head DOES NOT vibrate. Your drum throne should work well for this purpose. Or a flat surface.

Clip tune-bot to the drum’s hoop. The microphone end must be over the drum head.

Press the power button.

Strike the drum one inch from any lug hard enough for tune-bot’s LED to flash. A typical lug note (tension rod note) should cause the tune-bot to display a reading 20% to 100% higher than the fundamental note.

Adjust the tension rod by tightening or loosening the lug as required.

Now do the same thing around the drum. Strike one inch away from every lug and adjust the pitches by tightening or loosening the tension rods. Try to get all lugs within 2 hertz of each other. For greater accuracy, move tune-bot as close to the lug you’re working on as possible.

How-to videos

These handy videos show you how to use tune-bot.

Tommy Rickard

Tommy Rickard gives a rundown of how to set up tune-bot Studio, how to measure fundamental pitch and how to tune each tension rod (lug pitch). He also explains what tune-bot’s filter mode is and how the saving system helps you save different drum scenarios. Tommy also explains why the high range mode is a handy addition to tune-bot Studio.

Drum tuning 101

In this video one of the Overtone Labs guys goes through a variety of drum tuning styles. He also explains how the tune-bot calculator (app downloads available down below) helps you to tune your drums.

Tech specs

These are the tech specs for tune-bot Studio.

Tuning range 30–400 Hz, 1C–4G
High range 30–450 Hz, 1C–4A
Frequency resolution ± 0.5 Hz
Response time 750 mSec.
Power 2 AAA Batteries
Dimensions (cm) 10 x 6 x 5.5
Weight 70g (without batteries)


tune-bot comes with a standard 12 month warranty that covers you in the event of the product failing under normal circumstances.

If your tune-bot fails, simply return it to us and we’ll give you a full refund, or replace it for you.

12 Month Warranty Badge


We ship tune-bot to any South African destination.

Simply contact us and we’ll quote you a price and availability.

Drum-tuning app

Overtone Labs has developed a handy app for drummers to help them make the most of their tune-bot drum tuner.

You can download the app for Android or iPhone.

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