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This tool will help you easily get your drums tuned perfectly

If you're a new drummer this is the perfect tool for tuning your drums and for helping you develop an ear for tuning.

So you've started playing drums.

But what you might not know is that your drumset is more off than an old stale bread; they sound as terrible as a rusty trash can.

Your drums, as gorgeous as they are, probably need a good tuning.

But how do you tune drums???

Some drum experts will tell you the only way to tune drums is to do it by ear.

But if they're honest they'll add that it takes years and years of practice to tune your drums by ear, unless you're a musical prodigy with perfect pitch and a sense of groove surpassing the likes of Dave Grohl.

If you're not a prodigy, like most beginner drummers you'll need a device to help you tune your drums.

We've got just the tool for the job.

It's called tune-bot and it's been receiving rave reviews from beginners and pros alike across the globe for many years.

tune-bot is a tiny electronic drum tuning device you clip onto your drum. It allows you to find the fundamental pitch of your drum, and it allows you to tune your tension rods (lug pitch tuning) to align with your fundamental pitch.

tune-bot allows you to tune your drum to any note. Take note: it doesn't tune to tension, it tunes to pitch. This is a crucial difference. If you tune to tension you might get vastly different results from drum to drum. When you tune to pitch you'll always get the same result.

It's the perfect drum tuning tool for a number of reasons:

  • It saves you time tuning your drums.
  • It helps you train your ear to know what your drums should sound like.
  • It makes tuning a quantifiable experience.

No longer do you have to wonder whether your drums are in tune in the first place. With tune-bot you'll have certainty that they're either in tune or not.

And is it even possible to train your ears to tune drums without tune-bot? What do you use as a reference to work from?

That's what makes tune-bot a must-have drum tuner.

Some drummers will tell you that you need to "feel" your drums if you want to tune them.

Frankly, that's unquantifiable, pie-in-the-sky nonsense.

tune-bot eliminates uncertainty. There's no better way to become certain about your drum tuning than to minimise uncertainty.

There might come a day when you can tune your drums to perfection using only your ear, but until that day, tune-bot is there to guide you.

View the video below to see tune-bot in action and see the praise the reviewer has for the device.

But please keep in mind that the tune-bot reviewed in the video is an older model.

Learn more about tune-bot Studio, the latest wonder drum tuning model. Or contact us directly for cost and shipping details.

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